• Piano Refurbishing:  Bring your piano back to specification and beyond. Hammer resurfacing and voicing, action regulation, alignments, repairs and thorough polishing, cleaning and lubrication.  Keep your family piano, save money, refurbish instead of replace. Call 206-450-8123 for an estimate today.
  • Piano Rebuilding and Restoration: Renowned piano rebuilding and restorations. Heirlooms, professional studio and stage conert grands. Specialed in  Steinway and european pianos.  Can include soundboard and bridge replacement, pinblock, strings, structural, keybed, action and meticulous regulating, voicing and tuning.

How Often Should a Piano be Tuned*?

Guide lines suggested service levels for Seattle area

  • Standard/Routine Piano Tuning – $195:
    Aural Tuning stretched and paired harmonically by ear throughout the scale with exacting temperament setting for exquisite harmonic development across the harp/plate, unique to each piano. Set Tuning pins, inspection, evaluation and consult. Intended for regularly tuned pianos at or near pitch.  Available for all pianos and service category levels. Detailed records. Allow 2 hrs for appointment duration. 
  • Premium Services – $295: Tailored to the type of piano and demands for various needs typical for each piano/category. Premium service includes from the following: Aural (by ear) Tuning, Consecutive Multiple Interval checks, Pitch Correction <5¢, Inspection and Evaluation, Cleaning, Alignments and Adjustments, Simple Repairs, Incremental Regulating and Voicing, Detailed Records.
    Studio to Concert tuning using appropriate degrees of consecutive interval and multi-octave coincident harmonic testing determined by ear and unique to each piano. Allow 3 hours for appointment duration.
  • Pitch Raise – $135.00: Additional to tuning, greatly enhances the tuning accuracy and stability for pianos that have drifted in pitch from not being tuned recently or regularly. Piano Tuning is cumulative in accuracy and stability. A pitch raise will “catch you up” quickly and economically. Tuning and Pitch Raise are both done at the same appointment so your piano is properly pitched and tuned the day of your appointment. No need to wait for “several tunings” over months or even years.*drive time included within 40 minutes of North Seattle. Olympic Pennisula and Islands additional $150+ to include ferry and additional travel time.

Service categories, standard to premium service.

  • Console: The console piano is the most common. Ranges in height from 40″-43″.
  • Studio: The Studio Piano is 45″ in height and, as the name suggests, is commonly found in teaching studios, as well as schools and churches.
  • Spinet: The Spinet Piano, very popular from mid 1940s through mid-1970s, has been out of regular production for decades now. Spinets are the smallest and least expensive of pianos. Their compact design and age require extra attention and understanding of this fast disappearing style of piano.
  • Professional Upright: The Professional Upright Piano is the largest vertical piano made today, ranging 47″ – 52″ tall. Approaching the string length and sound board size of a semi concert piano, this piano typically requires meticulous service.
  • Old Upright: The “Old Upright”, often referred to as the Cabinet Grand or Upright Grand is truly a marvel of 19th century technology and craftsmanship. Unlike the spinet, these pianos were almost always of very high quality and built to last. It is not uncommon to find Old Uprights that are 100 years old or more and still serviceable! This category of pianos, the last ones built during the “Roaring 20s” are aging with grace, but require special skills, understanding and care from the piano technician. Not all tuners will even take the job to service an Old Upright anymore due to their “special needs”. Our staff of piano technicians apprenticed in the craft of piano tuning and rebuilding on these Old Uprights, as well as the much older Square Grands. Johnson and Sons Piano Company is richly steeped historically in the century’s old tradition of the “American Piano”.
  • Grands: Grands are categorized by size. The larger the piano, the more professional are the demands for utmost care. From the smallest “Baby Grands” to the virtuoso and concert stage of the semi and full 9′ concert grands, certain expectations of the level of tuning and service are evident.
  • Grand up to 5’2″ 
  • up to 5’8″
  • up to 6’2″
  • Semi Concert 7′
  • Full Concert 9′
    *Pianos for concert and critical recording requires regular voicing and regulating as well as tuning for optimum results. Tuning at this level is the highest practice of the art and technical piano tuning and service and relies on a culmination of regular extensive care and service by or under the direction of a concert level tuner technician.

Why so many different tuning services? Isn’t a tuning a tuning?
Every piano is uniquely serviced according to style, scale, age, condition and service history with multiple levels of more extensive service and tuning to suit any need. Johnson and Sons Piano Company can uniquely offer you the choice of the occasional value tuning service through critical and comprehensive maintenance and tuning service for the most demanding recording and concert stage.

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